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    Anyone have any experience with this? I have a 2017 GSXR 750 and my gear indicator is fluctuating between 2-3 and 3-4 and my speed fluctuates with the appropriate gear that is fluctuating. Suzuki says they’ve never heard of that….

    • I have a problem with my gear indicator getting confused too. It has no affect on the engine and the engine speed has no effect on the gear indicator. My bike’s not the same as yours but I bet the mechanism (fancy multi-contact switch) that reports the gear position to the ECU is probably the same. In my case the switch is the problem. I cleaned the contacts but that didn’t fix the problem. I still think it’s the contacts and that the real problem is weak pressure on the contacts. But to confirm my suspicion, I need to take the transission apart. I’m just not going to fix it. Do you have the service manual for your bike? You should also take a look at the assembly diagrams on Bike Bandit’s website. You’ll be able to see hoe the gear position switch works. Good luck.

    • Probably a little buildup on the contacts, The Haynes Manuals are a great source of info and instruction – I buy them for every bike I own. (keeps my money at home instead of the dealers)